About ADRA


Purpose statement:

Serving humanity so all may live as God intended.

  •        ADRA’s slogan changing the world one life at a time has always been problematic as it conflicts with development principles. We do not work with one person at a time, but rather with communities, through initiatives that empower communities to be the change they want to see in their community. For this reason ADRA’s new slogan is a follow on from our purpose statement, as it is a representation of Micah 6:8 a verse that describes what God requires of people, which in the context of ADRA are staff and volunteers, supporters, the ADRA Adventist church, beneficiaries, key stakeholders, etc.



Justice. Compassion. Love

For those of you who have been involved in these discussions you would of notice that we have changed the word mercy to compassion. From a translation perspective compassion is a word that has a more consistent meaning across multiple language groups which is the primary reason for the change.



Our purpose.

“Serving humanity so all may live as God intended”


Fuelled by faith and guided by prayer, ADRA has served our brothers and sisters for over 60 years.

When our pioneers started packing supplies for families in 1956, our belief in people was the same as it is now: All people were created by God to thrive.

It’s a simple approach to serving humanity but one that now spans the globe, impacting lives in more than 130 countries. No matter the location, language or challenge, we strive for the same thing – a world in which all people may live life as God intended.

A life filled abundantly with justice, mercy, and love.

Justice, so that every action is chosen for the impact it will have on others. We are called to an understanding that every child of God deserves not only the necessities of food, water and shelter, but the opportunity to be the unique individual they were created to be.

Mercy, because no one should carry their burden alone. In turn, a life blessed with mercy realizes more generosity. A commitment to serving others brings the best out in yourself, and those around you.

And love. The God who calls us asks for a love with no limitations, a love so strong that all may see the reflection of God’s character in our service, and a love that is made real through actions, big and small, worldwide and at home, defined by compassion.

Justice. Mercy. Love.


God called all to these three things in Micah 6:8. We live it, so others may have it. We share it, so it too can be shared.